Sunday, 24 January 2010

Simple Pleasures in Life are Free!

Usually at the beginning of each new year we are all accustomed to making some sort of statement of intent for the coming 12 months. Mine is to try and remember to stop and enjoy the moment a little more instead of moving on to the next 'thing'.

During the last 12 months that were frankly sometimes quite horrible I have reawakened my love of things that are free or that cost very little. We've all had to tighten our purse strings and for me this enforced frugality has been quite a joy. Making the pounds stretch has made me more creative and quite giddy with pleasure.

So the following is for me to look at in the coming months a wee taster of the things that make me smile for those times when perhaps I cannot!

Children's laughter and smiling faces. My lovely wees seem so grown up now and their enjoyment of the small things in life is one of the simple pleasures that for me as a Mummy keeps me going.

The children's empty plates at whatever time of day they have eaten. Singing 'yummy yummy in my tummy' and patting themselves to show that they are full up is just a joy.

Getting into a freshly made bed after a long day smelling the cottony freshness and feeling the luxurious crispness is something I will never tire of. Every time I make my bed I look forward to snuggling in it so making the bed is never a chore for me.

Walking in any weather, preferably sunny but I'm not fussy, in any location. Just being under your own steam solo or with family and friends. Visiting time honoured favourite places or virgin territory it doesn't really matter. Walking for me its the one thing that I can do that doesn't cost anything to do and clears the cobwebs every time.

Looking at old photographs. This is one of my favourite things to do. Rainy cold unpleasant day get the albums out and reminisce. Laugh at the clothes you were wearing or remember the occasion you were celebrating. Actual photographs are so much better than looking at them on the computer and my parents old family albums are true treasure and priceless.

Cheap and cheerful the smell of new mown grass. Its a smell that's is so redolent of spring and summer the seasons I enjoy the most. The luscious heady scent of oozing greeness is one that I don't think anyone could reproduce artificially nor would I want them too.

Reading at anytime in any location but especially in a freshly made bed when feeling under par and needing to recharge. Sometimes picking up a book is a luxury for me these days but I always try to find time to read before bedtime. For me its the perfect way to unwind. I also love reading with my wees its a good 'time out' method when they get too wound up and you can always sneak in a cuddle along the way.

Going to Car Boot Sales. Not necessarily free but still a good reason to get up early on a Sunday morning and tramp around a field in any weather and find some geegaw or other. I love finding unusual unloved wee things and bringing them home to stay in my cupboard to be rehabilitated and become loved again. Its my duty to buy them, it is!

Taking photographs. I always have my camera with me, digital and precious. Its the one thing apart from my handbag that the wees are not to touch. My family are camera fanatics and every family celebration feels like a crowd of paparazzi have swarmed upon us. Apart from the printing out its free and I love it because I can 'feel' creative and 'Arty' even though I'm not!!

So that's it. A small list of free things that can raise a smile when your feeling grumpy. This is the thing my Mumma would have called 'Counting your blessings' an age old 'tradition' that's as relevant today as it's ever been.

Love Joy and Laughter